What awaits you when you arrive at the Clinic?

Upon your arrival you will be greeted by the dentist organizer, who will immediately seat you in the waiting room.

You will be offered a hot tea or coffee, to completely relax your body and mind and to take away the feeling of being at the dentist … I know it creates tension and fear.

You will feel comfortable, as if you were at home. At first we will get to know each other better. During the first few minutes you will have a short interview with a dentist organizer, who will inquire about your current state of health and ask you a few questions about your life and habits.

Then we will take care of you right away. Once the interview is over, the dentist organizer will report your answers to the dentist, so that he can get a first idea of ​​your specific situation.

Doctors are helped in their mission to give you a natural smile by the latest generation of equipment such as Anthos, Sirona and Kavo.